Disclaimer: This post may contain some masked bragging. And unmasked bragging. But I just can’t help myself.

Good ol’ Trent Murphey pulled it off.

He got consulting internship offers from all of the Big Three. Plus Deloitte. He worked his little non-traditional-background butt off and now he’s sitting pretty. His consulting dreams are coming true. It’s fun to see.

Trent came into this whole thing knowing he was at a disadvantage, because his work history would be a question mark for recruiters. Teach For America is valued, but is it relevant? He knew he would have to work twice as hard as everyone else to get the opportunities he wanted. So that’s what he tried to do. He cased and cased until he was blue in the face. He also reached out to every consultant he could find to pick their brains and learn from their experiences. Darden did a lot to help Trent make sense of the complexity of the recruiting process. There’s no road map for accomplishing my liberal artsy career goals, but there’s a linear path to consulting. Trent just had to follow it. Truthfully, he had to sprint down it. But the sprinting paid off.

Trent’s experience at Darden so far has been enlightening for me. Mostly, it’s taught me that hard work isn’t something you have to fear. I haven’t seen much of Trent these past months, but I honestly haven’t minded, partly because I can see purpose and fulfillment in him that I haven’t really seen before. He’s having fun. I want that for him. But also, I haven’t minded because I can feel what’s ahead. When the time comes that I find something I want to go after like Trent has wanted to go after this, I want the freedom to dive in head first without worrying my husband will resent me for it. That’s probably not the purest reason to support your spouse’s dreams, but there you have it. Do unto others and what not.

We’re in the thick of the decision process now and with Trent, it’s always a process. He can’t move forward without gathering every single piece of data he possibly can. I make big decisions with my gut. He makes big decisions with his spreadsheet. We’ll be in either Seattle, Denver or Dallas for the summer, and likely go back after graduation. We’re traveling to check out each place these next few weeks and then we’ll decide. But first, we’re going to take a breath and celebrate.

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  • Carly Sessions

    Yay!!! I vote Denver. I don’t really know why except that the one time I drove through I really, really liked Denver. You know, Because you asked for my opinion and all. 🙂 Congrats to you both and good luck with the decision making!

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