Here and There and Everywhere




I have such a complicated relationship with the word. Most of the time I do what I can to disassociate myself with this particular adjective, because it’s so often lumped in with a stereotype I don’t relate to. But the truth is I am crafty. Or rather, I have a crafty side. My craftiness manifests itself in my love of interior and graphic design, paper goods, calligraphy, letterpress printing and rubber stamps. As evidence, I own a customized address stamp for every apartment we’ve lived in since we got married, even if we were only there for a matter of months. The first two were gifts, the third we had made in a little shop in Peru and the last I got from Tiny Prints. It’s a mild obsession. But I tell myself it’ll be a nice little display of our goings and comings.

In other news, how cute is Scout?


This acrylic photo block is for my dad. And with that, my OCD Christmas shopping is complete.


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