Happy Valentine’s Day!


In celebration of my tied-for-second-favorite holiday, I give you …

Top Five Things I Love About Trent Lately:

5. I love that Trent was legitimately terrified by the movie “Contagion.” Most scary movies are nothing short of laughable to my husband, but not this one. “This one could realistically happen,” he said. “It doesn’t defy logic.” Forget zombies or witch doctors — logic is what keeps Trenton awake at night.

4. I love that Trent keeps bringing up obscure Broadway songs in casual conversation. I did some digging and found out that when his students aren’t around to make fun of him, he listens to a “Broadway Musicals” playlist on Spotify.

3. I love the fact that Trent loves nature and natural things, and is gravitating toward them more and more all the time. Because of Trent, my whole concept of beauty has gradually shifted from something processed and polished to something organic and unrefined.

2. I love hat Trent violently twitches as he falls asleep. At first, it was disturbing. Now, it’s comforting.

1. I love that when pressed, Trent told me the most romantic day he thinks we’ve had together is when we went to the Ole’ Miss football game. The best part is? He meant it. “You were just all cute and excited about football when we were there,” he said. “I really loved you that day.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Trenton James Farrell Murphey and everyone else I love and cherish.

Listening to: Tanya Tucker, “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” (I’m practicing for my third annual Valentine’s Day Karaoke Serenade. Personally, I can’t stand this song. But Trent loves it. And I guess that’s the point.)


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