hooray for awards!


I was given a very special “award” (really just an awesome shout-out, but I’ll take it!) by Lisa from Amarillo y Crema.

If I were to rank my friends in order of coolness, Lisa would … well, let’s just say she’d get me into trouble with the rest of my friends.

As part of this newfangled chain letter (you know, like the ones you used to send to your 6th grade gal pals from your AOL account) I’ve been asked to dish seven things about myself and spread the love by giving my own “awards” to other bloggers I admire.

The Dishing Part:

  1. I am undiagnosed, but I am positive that I have a moderate form of OCD. There are times when I am honestly controlled by things like a twisted blind or out-of-place pica.

  2. On a similar note, I am positive that I am a hypochondriac (which might explain #1). Hysterical pregnancies are one of my greatest fears.

  3. I am also afraid of sharp objects and cockroaches.

  4. I once spent an entire morning stalking around my apartment with a can of Raid muttering things like, “No more Miss Nice Girl.” (So far, I sound like a crazy? No?)

  5. I have a dream to move to rural Montana to write novels and raise my kids on a ranch, which I have already decided I will name “Sugar Berry Place” after the trailer park my husband managed in Texas one summer during college.

  6. This hasn’t always been the case and I’m sure it won’t last forever, but in recent years I have been blessed (and cursed) with the ability to eat absolutely anything I want without gaining weight. Sometimes five o’clock rolls around and all I’ve eaten is a jar of Nutella and a half-gallon of ice cream. Go on. Hate me.

  7. I love karaoke more than life itself.

The Awards Part:

Congrats to these bloggers who are receiving my own awesome “award” shout-out. Most of them are budding bloggers and most of them are personal friends of mine, although I have included several I just wish were personal friends of mine. (Think of this as a playground move: “Hey! Let’s be friends!”) In short, I love your blogs. I read them daily.

People, it’s your turn to dish and award!

  1. Rachel from The Baseball WAG

  2. Cara from Maskcara

  3. Kim from Third Floor Design Studio 

  4. Zack from Every Day is Easter in My Closet

  5. Leah from l.a. sync

  6. Courtney from Courtney Ann

  7. Ashley from Between West and Main

  8. Lindsey from Green Apple Photography

  9. Rebecca from Rebecca Hansen Weddings


  • Ashley Lund

    Hey! How do you know Rebecca Hansen? Or is she one you would like to know? Her husband was my husband’s mission comp in France and they are good friends of ours. They are pretty awesome people, if you couldn’t tell by their blog. We’re going to visit them in January. If you need me to tell them how cool you are I can, though I’m sure they can tell by your blog 🙂

  • Samantha Murphey

    Not a friend, just a big fan! I discovered her when I was looking for a wedding photographer. I didn’t end up going with her, but not because I don’t love her. I actually remember asking you who had done your wedding photos. 🙂

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