I’ve often wanted to start a WILAFWIS (Women in Liberal Arts for Women in Science) Club. Is that weird?

I’m a bookworm, lit-nerd, written-word type and I’ve made my bed with that. But I have a profound respect for women working on the threshold of innovation and scientific discovery. And I want to do all I can to support women in those fields and encourage girls to go into those fields. I think that’s a big part what our country needs to get back on top. Viva la Sally Ride!

Last week one of my friends mentioned she was going to a launch party in New York for a cool new startup.

Four Harvard students have engineered a soccer ball that, well … why don’t you just see for yourself?

It’s innovative. It’s potentially life-changing.

And it’s the brainchild of intelligent women.


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  • njcrofts

    This is so cool! I would totally join your club. I can’t do the science-y stuff, but I can definitely admire it and support it.

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